Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Sitting at the bottom of Rome Hill is Rome Station, located about an hour from the Idaho and Nevada borders in southeastern Oregon. The red glow of the neon sign adds a warmth to the sky during the waning moments of the day. The only business in the area, is a cafe, store, motel, gas station and RV Park.

The town was named “Rome,” by William F. Stine, for the geological formations a few miles down a gravel road across from the business. “The Pillars of Rome.” reminded him of Roman ruins. The five-mile-long 100-foot high clay formations is the lure for visitors. The path was the same traveled by pioneers moving West along the Oregon Trail. The timing of the visit is due to an overnight snow, adding contrast to the faded fall landscape. The beauty of the snow covered parking lot at Rome Station was a bonus.

With a dusting of snow before dawn, the gas station looks to be floating in space.

Less than an hour later the scene transforms as the pre-dawn light begins to fill the sky. "Harry," a tabby owned by the businesses' handyman, explores the icy landscape.

The snow takes on the color of the Rome Station neon sign.

A county road across from Rome Station takes you to the, "Pillars of Rome."

I can't say enough about the variety of colors in the plants this late in November.

The first few miles of the “Pillars of Rome," are on private property, but eventually it turns into BLM land where you can walk up to the formations.

The clouds give the formations a light gray color.

When the sun arrives, the formations turn a warm yellow.

Close ups reveal a mixture of rock and clay on the formations.

This green clay is dancing with all sorts of shapes.

These red jewels happily grab onto any piece of clothing adhering with their velcro-like appendages.

The rocks vary from red to orange, yellow, green and brown.

It's always nice to get a different perspective.

I can't say enough about the variety of colors this late in November.

The Owyhee River is adjacent to Rome Station along Highway 95.

Off to the next adventure.

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